Mixing & Mastering Two Day Course


This course is ideal if you are already competent using your DAW to create tracks, and are now looking to move your music to the next level. The one-day course solely covers mixing, registering at an intermediate to advanced level. The two-day extended version delves further into advanced mixing techniques, as well as incorporating a well-rounded overview of home mastering.


Day One begins with an in-depth look at fundamental mixing tools, specifically when, where, why and how to use them at each stage of the process.


Topics include:


  • EQ (types, proper use, tips and tricks)

  • Compression (types, techniques, tips and tricks)

  • Reverb (types, methodology, techniques, tips and tricks)

  • Delay (creating depth in the mix)

  • Chorus

  • Mixing Raw Vocals (with examples)

  • Drums (styles, presence and more)


Day Two moves on to cover:


  • Multiband Compression or Dynamic EQ

  • Advanced Mixing Techniques (serials, parallels, dos and don’ts)

  • Outboard Equipment

  • Home Mastering (including: metering, tone, punch, presence, ‘loudness’, style based chain guides, tips, tricks, dos and dont's)

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