Electronic Music Production Masterclass

Synthesizer and mixing desk with sound engineer

Zoom Group Course - £200

Our Electronic Music Production course is perfect if you want to develop the essential skills to produce your own professional sounding electronic music. The course runs as an evening class one day a week over a period of 8 weeks, using Logic Pro X, or Ableton Live. 

During each 2 hour session we tackle a key topic in depth, with lessons on:


  • Beat Programming Techniques and Styles

  • Synthesis and Sound Design

  • Sampling - Techniques, Styles, Tricks, Tips

  • Effects and Vocal Production

  • Music Theory - Creating Tension, Transitions & Energy

  • Arrangement and Workflow Tips

  • Incorporating Hardware Synths and Drum Machines / Working with Microphones / Creating Ideas Out Of Nothing

  • Remixing

The course is delivered via Zoom. There are limited spaces and dates per year, so please message via the contact form to reserve your spot today.