A passion for music and a passion for helping people are at the heart of our philosophy, and as such The Sound Kitchen provides opportunities for all ages and abilities to unleash their creativity. With our purpose-built recording studio space, open for use by electronic artists, bands and singer-songwriters, we are proudly helping to grow the next generation of successful artists in our city and beyond. 

Our professionally treated recording room is the perfect environment to get the high-end studio sound your recordings deserve. With our great range of microphones and preamps, we are well-equipped for all tasks at hand. Let our expert engineers guide your session to get classy, professional results that will blow listeners away.

Singer singer into microphone in recording studio


1 hr  |  £30.00

Let us help you to get the professional studio sound that your music deserves and see the difference in reaction that your music receives.

Our wide array of high-end audio equipment, in combination with tried and tested sound engineering expertise, is sure to deliver results beyond your expectations.

Mixing engineer on mixing desk


Available for 1-100 tracks

Mastering is the final polish that makes your music truly shine. Whether it needs to rock the club or measure up to the standard of other tracks on the radio or streaming sites, mastering is an essential process to ensure your tracks stand tall in the world of music.

Mastering engineer on mixing desk


£30.00  |  Per track

Whether you are recording a single or a whole album, we can provide everything you will need. From talented session musicians to mixing and mastering, our professional setup ensures you get professional results. 


 Receive a bespoke quotation from a member of our team.

Vinyl record on a turntable

Single, EP and Album Packages


Microphone in a recording studio
“I was really encouraged and inspired to bring out the best qualities of my voice”

“Amazing experience! The studio was great and Mitch was really accommodating and clearly knows his stuff. I felt really relaxed as a vocalist and Mitch was really attentive to the style and outlook I wanted for the project.”

Emily Williamson